Batch resize & add logo to product images

Goal: Batch-create product thumbnails for multiple sizes and add a logo




Have a simple layered key visual PSD ready before uploading to dipp's platform. See our article on how to prepare key visuals for production here.




Step 1: Upload a simple layered PSD with required elements & edit composition

  • Upload your simplified PSD to dipp's platform and map each layer accordingly.
    (In this case we are working with 3 elements: logo, primary product image and background)

Once done mapping, we're taken to the composition mode of the editor. 

  • Turn on the switch Show all available sizes to reveal all canvas sizes
  • Activate all required sized by turning on visibility

Step 3: Add product images & adjust

  • Switch to the Content tab to add all required products

Here we notice that the primary product image frame is too small for some of the products

  • Switch back to Composition tab and adjust primary product image frame as needed. 
  • Be sure to use Select matching layers button so we can adjust the element across all sizes at the same time
  • Adjust individual product images as needed

Step 4: Add custom naming format & download

  • Once complete, proceed to Review & download
  • Add a custom naming format for each file
  • Select type of download and Download all of your images


As always, don't hesitate to get in touch with questions and feedback.

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