Creating bundles using a spreadsheet

Goal: Create product bundles




Be sure to have proportionally scaled product images in your brand asset library before starting this.




Step 1: Download & open bundle CSV template

Download the bundle CSV template and open in your favorite spreadsheet editor. 


Column definitions:


This is how you can define which products belong to which bundle. All products sharing the same bundle name, will be part of the same bundle. This column will also be used as the filename for the newly created bundle files.


This is where the file names of products you wish to bundle together will be pasted. These filenames must match the actual filename you uploaded to the asset library. 



Quantity is the number of times you want this product item repeated. 


This is the space between individual products within on group


This is the space between groups of different products

Step 2: Copy and paste filenames from asset library to CSV

  • From the left-side navigation Brand settings > Image assets  and navigate to the products you wish to include in the bundle.
  • Click on the filename to copy the name to your clipboard.



Filenames do not necessarily need to be copied from the asset library, as long as the filename is correct, it can come from anywhere.




  • Paste the filename into the image_filename column of the CSV

Step 3: Enter content amount and adjust spacing

  • Under quantity, set the amount of instances each individual product should repeat
  • Adjust spacing as needed between individual instances of one product and between groups of products by adjusting inner_space and group_space respectively.
  • Once complete, export this spreadsheet as a CSV.

Step 4: Open bundle editor to create bundle files

  • Navigate to Brand settings > Image assets > Product bundles and from the flyout menu under the '+' icon, select Bundle from CSV.


  • Either drag or click to browse the CSV we just exported and see a preview for the first bundle


  • Adjust spacing as needed and Save bundles as image assets





While hovering each bundle, you can Edit, Duplicate, Download, Delete and Copy a link to it, to use in a content feed when bulk creating visuals.


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