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    Frequently asked questions

    How do I create a campaign?

    To create a campaign, you will either access a previously established layout under Brand Layouts or select a free template to get started.

    What is the difference between a layout and a campaign?

    A layout consists of a fixed design wireframe and pre-defined components. It is part of the brand asset and cannot be modified without necessary design permissions. A campaign is a group of images that have been created by using a layout. It supports plain text and imagery (.png, .jpg, .tiff) content input, as well as bulk input via upload a Content Feed. You can dress up the campaign with any styling edits, but you will not be able to move or change the composition of the visual.

    Why is my copy not displayed using the font I specified in the original Photoshop design file?

    Your text isn't displayed correctly because you have not uploaded the font file as part of your Brand Guideline setup. Please upload the font file (.ttf and .otf) in order for texts to be displayed correctly. 

    What types of files can be stored in my Asset Management?

    You can upload images in .JPG, .PNG and .TIFF formats.

    Release notes

    March 26, 2024

    Bug fixes

    Resolved text being clipped when it exceeds the text component frame during campaign creation.

    Discontinue the support of using image file names in the campaign creation content feed. What you can do? Fill in a full image URL instead of filling in files names.

    Fixed text effects not rendering in final downloads, including text gradient, strikethrough, text drop shadow, and text shape

    March 11, 2024

    Platform improvements

    Added a notification pop-up to inform users in the event of connectivity loss which impacts your campaign's auto-saving ability

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